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Quicken Financial Software

Quicken financial software has been the brand leader for personal finance software going on two decades now.

While it remains the leader for desk-top software versions, it is playing catch-up with many up-and-comers in the web-based realm.

It is one of the market leaders in web-based personal finance software.

Quicken’s forte has always been to provide the user with easy-to-use customizable tools, that allow you to consolidate money management accounts. Produce high-quality reports and drill-down views of all personal finance aspects including cash flow, savings and debt reduction.

Quicken upgrades have always served to increase ease-of-use and functionality.

Recent upgrades have enhanced the software’s ability to interpret the user’s past usage in constructing new or expanded budget worksheets.

It also has refined its ability to automatically categorize transactions imported from financial accounts.

Set up tabs gives the user more capability for adding or deleting tools and accounts, as well as more customization options for the work space.

Over the years, Quicken has expanded its product family to include a version for all levels of personal finance needs.

  • At the lower end is its Quicken Cash Manager which is fine for simply tracking your budget and monitoring your bills.
  • A step up is Quicken Home & Business. it features all the tools of Quicken Cash Manager, to help you with smart money management but it also manages your home-based business finances
  • Turbo Tax Suite gives you the best of both worlds. The ability to tax plan get a bigger refund and manage your finances. That is because the Quicken Home & Business is bundled in.

It's really easy to use and you have ability to connect the with your financial institution for easy importation of transactions. That is really handy.!

I think any financial software like Qucken is something you may want to consider when getting your personal finance house in order.

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