What is The Successful Wealth Approach?

Hello my name is David Edey and welcome to my website.

The Successful Wealth Approach is designed to help you create a strategy to achieving your lifetime financial goals.

You will find many articles on the various personal finance issues that are of interest to many people today.

Whether it is thought of planning for retirement or clarifying what is important to attaining your goals, you are bound to find something on this website to help you.

Who is David Edey?


I have been an advisor since 1985, currently with The Wealth Management Group in St. Laurent. I am also an experienced writer of personal finance and investment strategy articles, which have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country. 

During my career I have authored three books "Smart Money Strategies for the Canadian Mutual Fund Investor" and co-author of "Beyond Mutual Funds, The Guide to Canadian Wrap Accounts" and my new book "Executor Help How to Settle an Estate, Pick an Executor and Avoid Family Fights"  I feel one of my strengths is being able to explain the important money management, retirement and estate planning concepts in an easy to understand manner.

This is how you can create Your Own Vision of Life 

I strongly believe life is too short so we must enjoy ourselves in everything we do. I am often asked what kind of clients do you have?

My clients who I am very fortunate to work with are made up of a cross section ranging from retirees, young executives, business owners, widows and others who are looking to simplify their money management needs.

The Process


My step by step process is about you achieving your unique goals. I think the approach I take will help you because we start by you developing your own Wealth Vision.

For example you might envision what your retirement might be like, or for your business or looking after your family after you die; or a vision which combines all of these things. 

This means you have a plan of what you need to do. 

You will not have to worry about if you will run out of money in retirement.

Know that your business will provide you with an income when you are ready to sell it. 

You will not have to worry about if your family will suffer if you are not around to support them financially. 

The process helps you develop this kind of strong, clear and personal outlook and then develop action steps to achieve them. So if you believe that people do not plan to fail, they just fail to plan then contact me.

About the Book: 

I want to save you a lot of trouble! In this self-help book he clearly, concisely, and repeatedly explains why it is important that every individual appoint an executor of their estate; what it means to be an executor of an estate; and how having a knowledgeable and responsible executor can help ensure a family’s wealth, welfare, health, and future happiness. 

The book is filled with advice, tips, and many real-life examples demonstrating what can go wrong (and what can go right), depending on whether or not families plan accordingly in advance, communicate clearly with one another, and are willing to put petty and selfish differences aside. 

No one likes talking about death and inheritances before they absolutely have to, but as I learned from personal experience, having these conversations earlier, rather than later, will save a lot of time and money, alleviate a ton of stress and ill feeling, and ensure that the deceased’s wishes are properly and efficiently carried out. 

About the Author: 

I am a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) who has worked in the financial planning industry in Montreal for more than 35 years.

He has advised hundreds of clients, written over 200 articles about personal finance, and shared his expertise on radio and television myriad times. 

But I am not just an expert; he is someone who knows this topic inside and out from personal experience, having spent seven years and $50,000 in lawyer fees to come to an agreement with his siblings over his parents’ estate.

And that was with a written will! The grief, frustration, and stress of that experience were life-altering for me.

I was determined to write this book in order to help others successfully navigate the difficult tasks of estate planning and executorship—so that their families could stay together, rather than fall apart.


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