David Edey
The Successful Wealth Approach

Hello I'm David Edey and welcome to my website.

I have been an advisor since 1985, currently with The Wealth Management Group in Westmount.

I am also an experienced writer of personal finance and investment strategy articles, which have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country.

During my career I have authored two books "Smart Money Strategies for the Canadian Mutual Fund Investor" and co-author of "Beyond Mutual Funds, The Guide to Canadian Wrap Accounts"

For more than 16 years I was fortunate to be a regular contributor to a personal finance open line show on radio station CJAD 800 in Montreal, with host Peter Anthony Holder.

Along with being a guest on the nationally syndicated radio shows Money Talks and Canada's Money Show.

From time to time I have also guested on such television programs as the Nightly Business Report on CBC Newsworld, Life Network, and Free for the Asking.

Canada's Money Show, Money Talks and locally on CTV Montreal, which has also allowed me over the years to conduct numerous public and corporate workshops on the issues of money management and financial planning.

I feel one of my strengths is being able to explain the important money management and retirement concepts in an easy to understand manner. 

I strongly believe life is too short so we must enjoy ourselves in everything we do.

I am often asked what kind of clients do you have?

My clients who I am very fortunate to work with are made up of a cross section ranging from retirees, young executives, business owners, widows and others who are looking to simplify their money management needs.

So I am here to answer their questions and give them the information they are looking for in terms of choosing which vehicles make sense in their unique personal situation.

Throughout my site you will find the important issues individuals are concerned about today and the stories of people just like you who are looking to get a better handle on taking their own Successful Wealth Approach.

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