The 5 Step Process I Follow as a
Financial Advisor in Montreal

I have been a financial advisor in Montreal since 1985 and over that time I have talked and worked with thousands of people each have had their own unique financial goals.

Over this time I have come up with the belief that no two individuals or situation is the same.

I truly believe everyone has got a story to their past and current financial situation.

And all have a vision of where they want to go in the future. That can range from the educating of their children to the realistic lifestyle they hope to have in retirement.

This is why I feel it is important to have a "process"  or road map to follow.That is because for many people they have no idea which way to go when it has to do with their long term financial goals.

1. I always want to begin to talk about Life planning; this is about planning for the life you want, whatever that means to you.

As I said before as a financial advisor in Montreal everybody has their own story and this is where we begin to create your vision

2. Next we will talk about what are you family's values? This will always largely determine what you want in life.

Your life plan has you have you prioritize your most important family values.

Whether you are single individual or a couple this exercises is very eye opening and many times it has started some thoughts and conversations that have really never been explored.

3. Let's focus on the things that you have and do now and would like to do in the future.

Here's where I am going to help you clarify your vision of life in four key areas: home, lifestyle, family and career.

From your life plan it will recognize your immediate wants 

4. It is great to have ideas and vision for what you want for yourself. The stumbling block for many people I see is when they want to have and do these things.

And more importantly what is it going to cost?

Your life plan connects you with to the details of your vision and to exactly what you want.

As an example I have a client who is going to have to semi-retire due to the fact that her employer wanted her in the office only 3 days a week instead of 5.

This meant her lifestyle was going to change so we needed to figure out if her current financial assets such as RRSPs were going to be enough in the future, based on what she wanted to do in her life with this career change.

This is just as important as your long-term planning needs. 

5. As a financial advisor in Montreal I have come across so many different cases since 1985 and to me the only way to make informed decisions is to evaluate different solutions to your vision.

Will what you are doing today achieve what you want?

Your life plan will provide a complete financial forecast.

That is why I use advanced life-planning software to do various "what if" scenarios.

This way you can see different lifestyle options, financial and legacy planning tactics and then customize your plan based on your values and attitudes.

So there you have it, the 5 things I do as a financial advisor in Montreal.

Work with you to identify what is important to you. Have you created your vision of your life?

Figure out what it is going to cost and then come up with solutions that are customized to you.

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