Personal Finance Software for Mac

Mac users are not lacking for a solid selection of personal finance software for Mac computers.

There are several reasonably priced programs on the market that are feature-rich and user-friendly with the broadest range of functionality.

This overview highlights some of the more popular personal finance software for Macs.

Quicken Essentials

Still considered the leader among full featured software programs, Quicken started from scratch to create its Mac version and users who are at home with the Mac's iWork interface will be comfortable with Quicken’s efforts.

Mac users will be pleased with its ease of start up and navigation.

The four essential elements of the program are the ability to:

  • View all of your financial accounts in one place
  • See where your money is going
  • Stay on top of bills
  • Track your savings efforts


Moneydance is a solid choice for Mac users as it offers the core personal finance management tools for budgeting, cash flow, online banking, check printing and calculation.

It ranks at the top for its ease of use and technical support.

Of the top brands it’s one of a few that offers a full investment management suite of tools that includes importing transaction data and transaction functionality for your RRSPs and other investment accounts.


Where it lacks in some common personal finance features such as online banking, and bill management, it provides self-employed and small business owners with some business finance capability. It might be the one to choose if you’re running a business.

iBank 4

Some are calling iBank 4 the “Quicken killer”. That may certainly be the case for Mac software as it currently has the edge over Quicken in the number of features and capabilities in its Mac version.

It has very uncluttered Mac-like interface and offers some technology not available in Quicken or any other program.

One key feature is its envelope budgeting capability which is essential for managing variable payment amounts to payees.

Of course you can find several free source personal finance software programs.

Some are try-before-you-use versions and most of them provide very basic budgeting and account tracking functionality. But it may be all you need for your particular situation.

Just be aware of security and data storage or back-up capabilities. If the program lacks either, you could be in world of hurt if you’re not careful.

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